Finally A Solution To Get Your Sensitivity and Energy Under Complete Control

Create A Positive Energy Balance While Uncovering The Truth Of Empathic Healing

Before I continue I need to make one thing clear, being an Empath or labeling yourself as an Empathic will not give you some sort of special magical powers. I strongly believe that any power an individual possesses is always within them.

This site is meant to shine a brighter light onto your empathic world so you may better understand the gift you possess. If you want to think of it as a special power, go right ahead but please know that although your gift is special it’s not something to boast about.

Others might have a hard time understanding us, so for the sake of not sounding crazy let us keep this a secret. In addition, please ignore false claims and hoaxes, Empathic ability is not a super power. It’s a gift that you must learn how to feed and harness.

While empaths who choose to learn more about their abilities have indeed benefited greatly from the practical, life changing steps outlined in this intuitive empath toolkit, not all intuitive empaths will have the same experience.

For those of you who already know who you are but need help in understanding more about your empathic traits and abilities, please visit the Empath Toolkit Website. There you will learn how to have peace in your life, harness the energy around you, and to finally stop suffering from other’s negative emotions.

Who are Empathics ?

Empathics have a gift of feeling true emotion on a much deeper level than others. Current research shows that this ability to “feel more”, is clearly an inherent genetic trait resulting in the development of more mirror neurons. While empathy is a desirable trait in building any human relationship, the effect these emotions can have on an empathic can be extreme and overwhelming to say the least.

Is Empathy a Gift?

Being empathic is a genetic inherited trait, so the simple answer is Yes, it’s a gift. Just as some are born with better musical or athletic ability, I believe that empathy can be taught and learned as well. If you already exhibit empathic traits then you can definitely fine tune it through practical self improvement techniques that are time-tested through experience and research. Doing so will without a doubt help you find that inner peace that many rogue empaths are searching for.

Growing up, I always had this inherent gift to understand the people around me through feeling their emotional states and mood. Despite loving this high level of compassion and empathy, many of the feelings I’ve sensed were negative emotions that left me feel drained and unable to give my life the full attention it deserved.

Everyone else’s problems became mine which altered my mood and rendered me numb to the life that I was meant to live. It seemed as if basic transitions through the development phases of life were broken. I found it difficult to concentrate on parts of my world that needed attention. This overflow of negative energy began affecting my work, school, and love life. I needed grounding, but this emotional shield simply didn’t exist. So I decided to do something about it.

So how do you Shield Yourself from Negative Energies?

I realized that controlling my empathic ability on my own was almost impossible. I wanted to create a perfect balance of both negative and positive energy around me in order to ground myself.

I took advice from other empaths and decided to embark on a spiritual hiatus in order to find myself and better understand my empathic abilities. My trip allowed me to learn more about what it means to be an empath, but more importantly gave me a chance to gain control of my abilities from within finding inner peace by utilizing a system that works.

While it was recommended to escape to a place one feels at peace, being a beach bum I chose a little tiny island located in the Caribbean called St. Maarten. Below are a few pictures from my journey.

My Trip

This was the beginning

Surrounded by Tranquility

My advice to you is simple, I want you to take what I learned, apply it to your life, to your soul, and teach others who are struggling to find a way to harness their empathic abilities.

Throughout my month long hiatus, I decided to learn everything there was about energy and the natural flow of life. I took Eastern Methodologies and fused them with my Western Life.

Personally, this journey was a crucial eye opener. After its completion, I had only one wish that I did this years ago. But as they say, it’s better late than never and I strongly urge you to take action and learn more about yourself in your empathic gift.

We are all connected, each one of us to a force unseen, united, we are one.

Regardless of your background we all share a common bond and you have to realize that empathy is a gift that if channeled properly has an ability to unite and build, rather than destroy and render one paralyzed. Emotions and feelings are just the tip of the iceberg. Being an Empath is something much more…

As an Empath you don’t have to suffer with other’s negative energy

Dr. Michael Smith was a very influential person in my journey to find myself. He’s beeb working as a professional empath consultant for the past 15 or so years and has helped thousands improve themselves including myself.

He has studied empathy around the globe and has compiled his knowledge into a 247 page Empath Toolkit. His complete empath guide holds over fifteen years of meticulous studies from around the globe. From villages in tribal asia to indian reservations in the states, he spills his gift of knowledge to us.

Included with this package are 3 ebooks and over 10 hours of audio instruction. There’s no wonder why many consider his work to be the encyclopedia for empaths. Dr. Smith has designed his kit to help us learn practices and techniques to take care of ourselves. Something that we simply don’t know how to do.

Going through the wealth of information is extremely simple. He makes great use of graphs and diagrams aimed to simplify the process not forgetting to include images along with solid action steps to take after each lesson.

My spiritual hiatus to St. Maarten cost me thousands of dollars, but your spiritual journey doesn’t have to. If personal one on one sessions are your thing. I strongly encourage you to reach out and book a private coaching session. The one on one coaching can get very expensive that’s why many choose to get the book and learn on their own.

I remember having professors in college who forced us to come to class only to read directly from the text book. I was always better at learning on my own, that’s why I recommend going the book route. The first session of his private coaching starts at $125 lasting 80 minutes. Any time after that is billed at $95 per 60 minute blocks.

Things To Expect From A Private Empath Coaching Session

  • Connection to your Guide and Highest Self
  • Use of Energetic and Spiritual Antenna to make sense of your reality
  • Powerful Techniques to Protect Against Unwanted or Harmful Energy
  • Remote Energy Work
  • Release Of Lower Vibratory Energy
  • Align, Balance, and Strengthen Your Aura
  • Restoration, Imbalances, and Flow in your Chakras are Addressed
  • Monitoring the Ego’s Creation of Narratives and Stories
  • Much More…

In this coaching process you will work collaboratively with Dr. Smith to gain answers to questions you’ve been seeking for.

As stated earlier, if a personal coaching session is out of your budget the complete empath toolkit offers just as many benefits if not more. While some learn better through a one on one session, time is your worst enemy because time really does fly by during these sessions. Getting the book not only saves money but if anything, also gives you the option of a pause button on learning.

Empath Topics Covered In The Book ( in Detail )

  • Harnessing the healing power of the elements for healing (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, Ether).
  • Working with your animal guides and spirits.
  • Energies of the planetary alignments
  • How to use the power of the kingdom plantae. (plant kingdom)
  • Tinctures & Elixirs.(How to make and administer)
  • Harnessing sexual energy for healing.
  • Sacred Geometry.
  • Color Therapy.
  • Intuition Development Exercises.
  • How to use the power of the Four Directions
  • Calling forth protective spirits.
  • Feeding Spirits and Seeing Spirits
  • Simple exercise to relax the eyes to allow you to see “auras”. (To see what other’s can’t)
  • Financial protection for Empaths.
  • The #1 absolute healthiest position for the empath’s body
  • Using your empath powers to open and work with your assemblage point.
  • Brain Gym for empaths.
  • Shifting Consciousness with dimensional work.
  • Nutrition for empaths to promote grounding.
  • How to bypass the ego/mind without effort.
  • How to use your tongue to eliminate trauma and old energy.
  • Creating your own personal shield.
  • Reflexology – the quickest and best exercises specific for empaths.
  • Energy Technology to clear chakras.
  • Stones & Crystals that fine tune and balance your empath power.
  • Quick Energy Tune-up exercises.
  • The Law of the Cure and how to use it to clear energy.
  • Balancing Polarities.
  • Male vs. Female energy and why it’s important for empaths.
  • How to talk to your organs – and have them respond.
  • Archangelic energies for healing and protection.
  • How to harness the power of the breath.
  • Alternate nostril breathing and why it’s so important.
  • How to use Rajasic and Tamasic energy.
  • How to merge consciousness and pray to the Fire Spirit.
  • What is a Chanupa – and how you as an empath can become one.
  • What is a Heyoka – and why it’s important for you as an empath!
  • Symbols, numbers, Cranial-Sacral fluid, Remote Viewing;
  • And Much More…

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To add to the already gigantic collection of life experiences and research, every one who orders will also receive two audio seminars. The Empath Experience Audio Seminar and Empath Intuition are #1 Amazon ranked and free.

If that’s not enough, Dr. Smith is throwing in another free bonus on how to interpret your dreams and his best selling kindle compatible ebook “Navigating 2012”.

Navigating 2012 for empaths

Edit: Recently added to the package are; Empath Q&A Sessions with Dr. Michael Smith and a Teleclass Invitation where you will have an opportunity to ask any questions directly.

P.S. Just remember if that’s not enough you can always contact him directly and register for an empath coaching session.