I’ve always known I had a gift, I’m an animal lover as well as a nature lover. I’m that best friend that everyone wants to have, I listen and respond with the utmost care and I want to do the same for you. You are all my brothers and sisters as we are all one!

I needed to feel free, I desperately needed to feel a sense of balance and belonging. Not only that, but I needed to get my life on track. I got tired of feeling pain of everyone around me and had to re-invent myself and define my future.

Who am I?

I’m an Empath!

I’m proud to have this gift and although I despised it during my darker years, I have grown to love it. But learning how to control my empathic powers has been the most important, life changing event of my life. Without this knowledge I am simply lost in a whirlpool of emotions.

My only wish?

To teach other empathics and spread the message that you are not alone! Finally, help is here.

Thank you for being here