Am I an Empath ?

If you’re asking “Am I An Empath ?” the answer is usually a soft yes. An empath is an individual who is sensitive to the energy around them and its related vibrations. All feelings and emotions produce vibrating energy, which are released into the our lives on a constant basis. Have you heard of the butterfly effect? where a butterfly’s wing movement around the world has an effect on the energy everywhere else. This principle holds true for all our actions, words, and thoughts. The energy created has an effect which in turn becomes available for our use. Empathic people are especially sensitive to this and unconsciously absorb others’ energy and adopt it as if it were their own.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by certain emotions in public places and around people? Does your mood ever change in various life situations? Do you ever feel energy drain or feel physical symptoms of those around you and manifest them as your own?

Because all emotions are charged with energy, an empathic picks them up and absorbs them. Most of the time this is not a problem, especially if the person is one who has a constant positive attitude and learns to block dark energy. An empath who has mastered these feelings will become happy and positive around people and harm stays away.

However, this gift of energy feel often becomes problematic, especially around people who have experienced much suffering and struggle in life which are most people we meet in life. Picking up highly negatively charged emotions or even physical symptoms of certain people can drain an empath and take them on a path of destructive thoughts. Like a magnet attracts metal, empaths are drawn to negative energy and suffer an emotional paralysis.

Being a highly sensitive empathic soul is an honor and gift, not a curse. In order to release the negative energies from our lives we must learn to harness the good energy and use it to our advantage. Without knowledge an empath can float into confusion only to continue questioning on whether or not they are truly empathic, further complicating life.

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