Empathic Abilities

People who think they may have empathic abilities have a rare gift to feel others and experience their emotions, somewhat similar to the way telepaths can read minds and thoughts.

Do you think you may have Empath Abilities?

Empathic abilities are somewhat rare, and if you think you may have these abilities, there are steps that can be taken to channel your energy in a positive way.

Empathic Abilities/Characteristics

The gift to feel on a deeper level than their peers
An high level of alertness of their environment
Extraordinary sensitivity of other people’s feelings
Bold understanding of human emotions
Expertise in reading body language

Although there are a number of people who identify with the empathic spectrum not everyone has the same amount of empathic ability. In fact most empaths are in the median of the statistical bell curve.

However even the most elementary empath abilities are able to sense what another human is feeling.

People who have advanced empathic abilities can feel 100% of what another person is feeling. When actively engaged an empath can loose sight of their own identity and become the other person. These high level empaths can transmit emotion through energy and project their own feelings into others which can be devastating.

Despite having an ability to harm others, most empaths choose to use their powers for good, rather than evil.

Healing others is the greatest gift an empath can give, and usually entails them placing their hands onto someone to transfer their healing energy and to target what the other is feeling. This direct process allows the empath to pin point the need of the other individual.

If proper methods to channel their energy isn’t available many empaths can get lost in another persons emotions and thus suffer mental and physical stress. This limbo is very destructive and must be avoided at all cost.

So what does being empathic mean to you?

If you are leaning towards the fact that you might have this rare gift, you must perfect your skills as an empath to uncover your true abilities within your empathic self.

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