Natural Energy Balance And Protection For Empaths

The news these days is filled with information about your body’s great need for increased antioxidant protection. So you may have heard information about how antioxidants can help to slow down the aging process. Maybe you heard how a greater intake of antioxidants can increase your immunity and prevent you from getting sick.

Making sure you get the antioxidant protection your body needs is essential to your overall optimum health. However, while eating plenty of fruits and vegetables filled with antioxidants is great, the best way to get the dose of free electrons your body requires is by simply walking barefoot on the ground.

Free electrons provide the greatest level of antioxidants and they are literally free and plentiful through direct contact with the Earth.

The Science Behind Earthing

To better understand grounding (aka earthing), you need to first consider the basics behind your physical being. Your body has electrical conductors due to the presence of charged ions, commonly referred to as electrolytes. These charged ions are carried in body fluids like blood. Because of these charged ions being in body fluids, those fluids become excellent electrical conductors. Be advised that free electrons can move about your body without being dissolved in fluid.

The transfer of electrons to your body from the Earth is significant and has been proven through scientific research to have a huge impact on the inflammatory process occurring in your body. Basically, you need the transfer of Earth electrons to reduce the damage being caused in your body by free radicals.

Reactive oxygen species, ROS, is another term describing free radicals. Free radicals are atom clusters that are missing an electron in their outer shell. Essentially these are the molecules responsible for the process of oxidation and they spend their time seeking out other healthy molecules for stealing an electron from them, thus increasing the number of free radicals present in your body. Bear in mind this oxidation process is completely natural and is the driving force for the reason you age.

While the presence of ROS in your body is important, they also cause damage to healthy tissue. For example, if you suffer an injury, ROS is carried to the injured area via white blood cells. ROS are so positively charged, they not only react to the cellular damage from an injury, but also to healthy surrounding tissue. This is the reason your need to supply your body with the negative charges that come from the electrons you get from Earthing.

Chronic inflammation has been proven to cause many serious diseases. Therefore preventing it is an essential part of you being healthy and reducing your chances of disease. Reducing inflammation in your body can allow you to avoid issues like arthritis and some gastrointestinal troubles like inflammatory bowel syndrome. Earthing promotes the neutralization of free radicals, thus increasing your joint mobility and decreasing pain. Your body is controlled in great part by the autonomic nervous system, ANS. Many extremely important bodily functions depend on the signals from this part of your nervous system.

The electrons you receive through Earthing can allow the near perfected function of the ANS. When the ANS experiences the benefits of grounding, you will feel healthier due to proper body functioning taking place. Your pain from headaches will go away and you may have a greater appetite. Many people have reported how their stress levels are easier to handle when they take time to make contact with the Earth each day. Keep in mind the electron transfer happens as soon as you step a barefoot on the ground. Because of this rapid exchange, you will also begin to feel the soothing effects of those electrons entering your body immediately as well.

Many people never associate the body’s need for antioxidants with stress reduction. However, how your body handles stress determines how you do. Parts of your nervous system have a great impact on how you react during stressful circumstances. The sympathetic nervous system gets you ready for a stressing occurrence while the parasympathetic nervous system helps to relax you. By providing the electrons necessary for the strongest antioxidant action, you are able to deal with stress easier and have fewer health problems because of it.

Consider how many people have suffered heart attacks, strokes and brain aneurysms due to being under too much stress for too long while their bodies are not up to optimum health. Imagine if those people had known that walking out in the yard barefoot could have helped them to avoid these serious health issues. Empathics can especially benefit from this free and abundant therapy.

Getting Back To Mother Earth And Spiritual Resonance

While the many health benefits associated with grounding are important, you should also know there is another reason you might feel a kinship to the Earth while walking barefoot. The energy connection that flows between your physical being and the Earth creates a special kind of spirituality you may not be aware of. This energy connection is special because it is ages old and wise.

The connection of the human species to Earth energy is phenomenal and allows for proper functioning: physically, mentally and emotionally. Consider how depression causes people to have skin problems like acne and to feel generally ill all over. When you are depressed or sad, your physical being experiences that sadness and depressions on a deeply cellular level.

Being depressed and sad also takes a huge toll on your spirit, making you feel depleted and soulless to some extent. These are issues that reconnecting to the Earth can remedy and it does so quickly due to the wisdom of knowing your life could literally depend on the timing of energy transference.

Somewhere along the line during the development of the modern world, society has lost sight of the place it came from. Older people today, especially those descended from the American Indians, can tell you about Mother Earth and how she has the ability to not only heal, but to also provide you with spiritual redemption and clarification for your very existence. This is the reason the altars built by American Indians were made of dirt.

The soil for them was a distinct life force that gave freely to those that simply asked. Asking only took you sitting or lying on the bare ground, allowing the energy from the Mother Earth to penetrate your being.

The American Indians were not the only older generation that knows the power of the Earth. Many older Americans believed in allowing children to play in the dirt for hours at a time. The children that play in the dirt sleep better at night. The basis for this old time belief has even been scientifically found to be true today. Sleep can be improved many times over by interacting with the Earth. Walking barefoot, lying on your back while making shapes out in the clouds or star gazing at night can be great ways to relax and get a healthy dosing of Mother Earth and her natural energizing medicine.


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